Servicio, instalación y configuración de videos

How to set up, service and repair Lowara pumps and controllers

To facilitate installation, set up and servicing, we have developed a series of videos showing how to install, set up, service and repair our products. The service videos are clear and detailed step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

At Xylem we have a holistic approach when designing products. It means that we look at the entire life cycle so a product should be easy to install and set up, be efficient using as little energy as possible when in operation, have a long mean time between service and be easy to service.

Some of the below videos are playlists, click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the video to see all titles.


How to disassemble and assemble e-HM.


How to disassemble and assemble e-SV including mechanical seal replacement.

ecocirc XL and XLplus

How to install, set up, connect the WiFi-card and program ecocirc XL and XLplus.

Hydrovar HVL 5th generation


How to install and set up ResiBoost.